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Private primary schools in Paramaribo

Paramaribo has many private primary schools to choose from. At the moment, there are 4 international private schools (US or UK curriculum), 4 private schools following the Dutch curriculum and 2 who offer the Surinamese curriculum, but with an additional program in order to meet the previously mentioned 8 in prepping the children for secondary education where more 21st century skills are required.

This article provides an overview of the schools (name, website and address) that currently (Jan 2022) offer primary education, here in Paramaribo. And as Suriname is ranked in the world’s top 3 of Facebook usage, I added the name the school uses on FB as well, as that might be a better (updated) source of information than the school’s website itself.

Wishing you the best of luck, choosing the school that offers the best program for your child(ren).
Let me know if you have any questions you would like to ask a parent from one of the schools. Paramaribo is like a village where people really know each other. Am happy to connect you to someone who speaks from own experience on a certain school.

International schools

AlphaMax Academy
Stanvastestraat 18-24
FB: AlphaMax academy

Christian Liberty Academy
Kasabaholoweg 8
FB: Christian Liberty Academy, Suriname

International Academy of Suriname
Lawtonlaan 20
FB: International Academy of Suriname

QSI International School of Suriname
Ringweg Zuid 189b – Ringweg Center Plaza building 5
FB: QSI International School of Suriname

Private primary schools, Dutch curriculum

Basisschool Prinses Amalia
Wonglaan 25
FB: Basisschool Prinses Amalia

De Cederboom
Gravenberchstraat 2
FB: Basisschool De Cederboom

Het Kleurenorkest
Veldhuizenlaan 63
FB: Nederlandse Basisschool “Het Kleurenorkest” Paramaribo Suriname

Basisschool Samen
Ramalaan 42
FB: Basisschool Samen

Private schools, Surinamese curriculum (+ addition / extension)

Kangoeroe Community School
Edmundstraat 3-5
FB: Kangoeroe Community School

Nassy – Brouwer School
Joli Coeurstraat 6
FB: Nassy Brouwer School

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